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8 May 2007
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The Reef Brite Lumi Lite T5HO retrofit hybrid is a great way to retrofit your tank if you are in love with your T5s but want to add a bit of LED “oomph!” While LEDs have taken over the hobby, many hobbyists are finding the hybrid approach works best for them and for those looking for an approachable solution, this might be right for you.

We saw this 4 ft. system that features two 54W T5HO lamps with a Lumi Lite LED unit in between for supplemental lighting. The kicker is this is being offered in the US for $250 with the lamps included (the image in the picture is the Reef Brite XHO LED). We saw previous Reef Brite LED/T5 hybrids as a more finished fixture, but this is a good solution for those with an aquarium hood or built in system where a polished look is not a major factor.

One of the things we always appreciate from Reef Brite was squeezing the most out of every light the most efficient way possibly rather than just throwing some bulbs or LEDs together. Reef Brite has always looked for the highest quality materials in the reflectors with the best internal components. In their LEDs, they maximize reflection and spread to ensure you get the most out of your diodes. Plus, everything is built to last.

If you are interested in this unit, check in with your favorite Reef Brite dealer or contact Reef Brite direct.

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