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    When you have yourself a posh $16.5 million beach-front home in Miami, you really don’t pull any punches when you want to add an aquarium.*Reef Aquarium Design built and installed a swanky 800 gallon reef aquarium in this one-of-a-kind home that was just featured on Fincasters this week. Any time a crane is involved with an aquarium installation, you know it has to be cool.

    The aquarium can be viewed from both sides, with two complimentary live rock outcroppings — one from each side — to go along with unique tiled walls that was really one of our favorite touches. The aquarium is tucked nicely into the design of the house and also has a nice sense of visual balance. We were definitely even impressed with the behind-the-scenes view with a look at the sump underneath rocking dual ASM skimmers and lit with six Ecoxotic 100W Cannon LED pendants on top.

    You might think with a $16.5 million house you could install some more expensive skimmers but with the aquarium that size, the two ASM skimmers are not only capable but reliable. It is interesting to note how professional installation and maintenance people go with the tried and true products, not having to keep going back tweaking equipment*unnecessarily*giving peace of mind to both the*maintenance*team and owner.

    Great design and install by RAD and we’ll keep our eyes open for more of their work.

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