RSS Reef Angel working on RF Expansion Module to control Ecosmart Vortech pumps

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    The Ecotech RF expansion module for the Reef Angel controller is the latest accessory for the only open aquarium controller on the market. The new RF module designed for EcoSmart Vortech pumps will join the Reef Angel’s two channel dosing pump and relay expansion module as part of a small but growing roster of add on modules for the open-source aquarium computer.

    Initially the Reef Angel’s wireless communication with the Ecosmart will be able to “emulate any operational mode [of the vortech pump] as well as the Ecosmart modes” and hopefully we’ll see digital dialogue with the Radion LED as well. Even though Reef Angel has already put up a pre-order page for the RF expansion module, Ecotech Marine has revealed that the development of a module for the Reef Angel is still tentative and a lot of things still have to fall into place before this deal gets real. We hope that this project can move forward so that Reef Angel users can enjoy very speedy updates to their Reef Angel-controlled Vortech products.
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