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    It looks like Reef Angel is still not at the ‘end of the rope’ with releasing new expansion modules unveiling the a leak detector recently. So next time there is a leak or the skimmer overflows you don’t need to end up tied up in a knot with water damage. Unlike more conventional leak detection systems Reef Angel decided to go with a rope design (thus the bad puns, our apologies), which actually is able to detect leaks along the entire length of the cable.

    This has obvious benefits as the Reef Angel rope leak detector is able to detect liquid along a 16 ft. perimeter rather than just a single spot. The cables can be daisy chained up to 48 ft. for some serious coverage. Check out the video of the system in action below, showing just how sensitive and easily triggered it is (don’t get your wet hands near it unless you want to reset the alarms).

    Click here to view the embedded video.

    The Reef Angel Rope Leak Detector expansion is available for pre-order at an introductory price of $99 which includes the module and one cable, additional cables can be purchased at $35 each. The expansion module includes an audible alarm and can be used as a stand alone, or can be integrated into your Reef Angel controller to turn of skimmer, returns, and other equipment or send text messages and emails in the case of a leak or flood.
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    that rope is extremely sensitive. Nice design.

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