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    The Jebao WP-40 controllable propeller pump which is gunning for the top dogs of water movement has its first play date with the Reef Angel. The small Tunze-stream lookalike Jebao WP-40 is said to move 3400 gallons per hour but who knows if Jebao just copied the design of the Tunze Stream and copy-and-pasted the same stated flow rate.

    Although the Jebao WP-40 may have some braun it certainly has no brains, which is where its controller-friendly cabling comes in. When used with the Reef Angel the Jebao WP-40 is said to be able to produce multiple flow profiles including a “Reef Crest”, short pulses, long pulses and another “Nutrient Transport” mode pulled right from the documentation of the Vortechs.

    If you’re in the Reef Angel club, a single Jebao WP-40 will cost you $119 with the control cables. [Reef Angel]


    • Controllable with Reef Angel controllers
    • Includes the controlling cable harness.
    • Several wave patterns, such as Reefcrest, Short Pulse, Long Pulse, Nutrient Transport and many more

    • Adjustable Flow up to 13000 l/hr (~3400gph)
    • 24VDC operating voltage
    • Power – 110V to 240V 50/60Hz
    • Wattage – 12W to 40W depending on the mode
    • Size – 12cm x 9.4cm
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