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    Admit it, most of you think of the Reef Angel controller as an entry level controller, although cool and moving in the right direction, not yet worthy to be placed next to all your other high end toys. But Reef Angel is looking to change that, big time. With the new ATO pump and salinity expansion module the Reef Angel controller is now starting to offer a seriously large amount of features. Include neat things such as the controllers own dosing pumps, a buzzer in case of equipment malfunction, and the ability to control up to 80 outlets and the Reef Angel pretty much beats any controller on the market as far as features concerned.

    Reef Angel may have a hard time competing with GHL controllers but that is like comparing apples to oranges. If you include the fact that anything you suggest to the Reef Angel team of what you think should be added is actually added as soon as humanly possible and on top of that the unbeatable customer service we got a winner on our hands. We don’t know what the other big two have planned for MACNA and Reef-A-Palooza but they may want to watch out for this guy. Of course the new Reef Angel website and much more sleek logo are not too shabby either.

    Salinity-expansion-module.jpg file.jpg

    The new Reef Angel salinity module is exactly what it’s name suggest, a salinity probe expansion. It allows the user to measure salinity by measuring conductivity, which if the salinity is higher is also higher and if the salinity is lower is also lower. It basically works like any other salinity probe on the market used by other controllers. But here is the neat part, combine the Reef Angel salinity module with the new Reef Angel ATO pump and we would imagine that you could top of your system based on salinity rather than on an old school float switch.

    Being able to control and correct salinity is something we don’t see most controller on the market do just yet. The ATO pump adds water to the system at 300 ml/min (approx 4.8 gallons per hour) so even in the unlikely event that it is stuck on, it won’t rapidly add fresh water like most other pumps would. Not to mention that the low flow rate results in smaller salinity fluctuations overall.

    The salinity expansion module retails for $149 with individual probes retailing for $75. The ATO pump retails for $69. They, and all other Reef Angel hardware can be found on the Reef Angel Webstore. The Reef Angel can now also be ordered through your favorite website or local fish store.
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    I am really enjoying my reef angel! and the product seems to be getting better and better.
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    I've just been in the UK for 2 weeks and being able to checkup on my baby anytime I wanted was worth twice the cost of the unit!

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