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    The*Reef Angel*controller may have started out as a loosely defined open source project, but it has since grown to be a very solid reef aquarium controller. We personally have had a good experience with our Reef Angel controller which has proven to be easy to use over the past couple of months. Since the Reef Angel is open source and is thus designed to accomplish anything the user could possibly want, we hoped it wouldn’t be long before Reef Angel launched an online control portal.

    Unlike Reef Angel Client, the previous software used to control the reef angel remotely, no software needs to be installed to use the online portal and thus the Reef Angel can now be accessed from any computer via the new web interface. Reef Angel users now just need to use their Reef Angel forum user name to log in to the portal, and adjust the settings in the code generator to setup the online portal. The portal will be able to handle all basic functions Reef Angel Client offers, including graphs, real time relay control, and email alerts. Be sure to check out the Reef Angel forums for the official announcement here.
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