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    reef-angel-relay-expansion-module.jpg The open source Reef Angel aquarium controller is getting some expandability with the release of the Reef Angel Relay Expansion Module. With the module you have the ability to extend the Reef Angel controller beyond the eight sockets you have on the relay box.*By adding the relay expansion module, you will eventually be able to add up to eight relay boxes for a whopping 72 controllable outlets. If you recall the Reef Angel aquarium controller is based on the on a popular ATMega328P microcontroller and the Arduino boards open source coding, allowing for virtually any function to be programmed into the system with a little bit of coding knowledge.

    Right now you are able to connect just one expansion module to your system giving you a total of 18 programmable outlets but with the release of the upcoming Reef Angel Expansion Hub next month, you’ll be able to tap into the full potential of up to eight additional relay boxes. The Relay Expansion module is being released with a special introductory price of $89. The main Reef Angel controller unit runs $199.99 and includes the head unit, a relay box, pH probe and other nice goodies to get you started.
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