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    The Reef Angel controller is getting a new option that will allow you measure photosynthetic light in your tank and dial in your dimmable LED lights ‘on the fly’ to get the exact settings you want depending on your tank’s unique values. Since the Reef Angel uses the open-source*Arduino language, you can expect to see some pretty sophisticated programs to adjust your lights based on the real-time PAR settings the Reef Angel PAR Module is reading.

    According to the information we reviewed, the*Reef Angel PAR Module uses a quantum sensor that measures PAR in PPF units*(?mol m-2 s-1) in the wavelength of 400 to 700 nanometers — the same range used for photosynthesis in your aquarium. As the Reef Angel team points out, your water clarity can depend on a wide range of variables and impact the penetration of light in your tank over time this module will allow you to take the guessing out of your light penetration.

    The company is debuting the PAR Module*for $250*with a special preorder discount.

    [via Reef Angel]

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