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    For those of you on the fence about the new Red Sea Reef Care Program the new Red Sea Reef Care Program trial packs might be something you would be interested in. Instead of having to dish out for the full-blown kits, you can get this smaller package with all the essential parts of the company’s Coral Color and Reef Energy program.

    The Red Sea Coral Color program has all four components the company developed to enhance the colors of both soft and stony corals (LPS and SPS corals). Red Sea’s Coral Colors supplements have been formulated so the ratio of the elements in each supplement are the same as found in the combined coral skeleton and soft tissue. The Red Sea Reef Energy trial pack has both the A and B components that is a unique formulation of carbohydrates, amino acids, fatty acids and suspended protein flocks that are available for direct consumption and adsorption by the corals.

    In case you are wondering what exactly is in each product line, Red Sea released some informative videos recently with plenty of information. Each package contains 100ml bottles of each supplement with the Coral Colors ABCD pack with four 100ml bottles (one of each component) retailing for around $31 USD (£19.95) and the Reef Energy A and B pack* has two 100ml bottles (one of each component) retailing around $27 USD (£16.95).

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