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8 May 2007
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The Red Sea MAX E series all in one aquarium with open top design and LED lighting was first revealed at InterZoo in Germany in May of 2014. The new tanks are finally fully fleshed out in two sizes, the Red Sea MAX E170 and E260, both of which will now be bundled with the groundbreaking Hydra 26 HD LED from AquaIllumination.

We were quite impressed with nearly all aspects of this new AIO reef aquarium save for the choice of LED lighting, so it’s a great move on Red Sea’s part to partner up with AquaIllumination and use the newest Hydra 26 HyperDrive LED fixtures. With the built-in ‘AI-FI’ connectivity of the Hydra HD LED, the lights can connect directly to your local wifi network, with the industry-leading MyAI smartphone app all ready to go.

The most compelling feature of the MAX E is the modular sump system

By leaning on AI for top of the line lighting, Red Sea was able to focus its attention on the real guts of the system, putting together features, equipment and accessories that are sure to make the MAX E a best-seller around the world. The most compelling feature of the Red Sea MAX E series tanks is easily the modular sump system.


The Red Sea MAX E260 will come with two AI Hydra 26 HD LED lights.

The MAX E series can be operated using the built-in rear sump that is part of the overall aquarium structure, much like the original Red Sea MAX, but they are already pre-plumbed with a fully regulated silent flow drain. With this dual pump system, new and seasoned hobbyists can get the MAX E tanks up and running using the built in sump, with the option to upgrade to a traditional under-cabinet sump for turbo-charging your reef tank.

Innovative design flexibility echoes the design of the Red Sea Reefer

With its initial configuration, you can use the Red Sea MAX E series tanks to cycle the tank, keep small fish loads and undemanding corals. Should your fish population grow or you simply want to have more corals, or more demanding corals, the design of the Red Sea MAX E is fully ready to accept an additional sump where a larger skimmer, calcium, zeovit or biopellet reactor can be installed.

This innovative design flexibility echoes the design philosophy of the Red Sea Reefer series which include the tank, stand and sump, but allows users to select their preferred choice of lighting, skimmers etc. Of course, Red Sea will be offering their own optional sump conversion kit which will include a customized glass sump that has a dedicated constant height skimmer chamber, a flow-regulated overflow system, and an integrated automatic top off system.


The smallest of the E Series will be the E170, a two foot 170 liter /45 gallon aquarium with the dimensions of 60cm x 57.5cm x 55cm (24” x 22.6” x 21.6”). The MAX E170 will ship with a single Hydra 26 HD, the MSK-900 protein skimmer drawing 250 liters of air per hour, and one filtration pump pushing 2150 liters/ 570 gallons per hour.

The larger model of the MAX E Series is the E260, a three foot 260 liter / 69 gallon aquarium which is 90cm x 57.5cm x 55cm (36” x 22.6” x 21.6”). The MAX E260 uses two Hydra 26 HD LED lights for 180 watts total power, the same MSK-900 protein skimmer and two return pumps pumping a combined 4,300 liter / 1140 gallons per hour.

Both models of the MAX E Series all in one tanks feature high clarity glass, an option of white or black stand, with the power center now being integrated into the stand itself. Red Sea will begin shipping the new MAX E Series E170 and E260 in January of 2016 at which point we should have pricing for both models with their stands, and the optional Red Sea sump kits.
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