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    The buzz around Red Sea’s new Max C Series is ever growing and although it hasn’t yet been let loose, the redesigned all-in-one plug-n-play aquarium from Red Sea promises to be one of the year’s hottest new releases. Like the groundbreaking original Max reef tanks, the Max C series features a host of improvements over the features that made the original so popular.

    We’ve made some noise about Red Sea deeming their lighting solution as good enough, every other aspect of the Max C series is really vamped up and improved in the ways that matter the most. More flow to the tank, more flow through the tank, more liters per hour of air and fine tuned control gives the Max C series a big bump in performance across the board.*The design of the Max C series has seen some notable improvements including high clarity glass, bonded corners and a smooth finish stand ought to carry the look of the Max C series for several more years.

    Red Sea’s video overview of the new Red Sea Max C series does a great job of not only conveying all these new features which we’ve barely touched upon, but also of communicating how the changes will improve the aquarium owning experience inside the new Red Sea Max C. Whether or not you’ve already seen our full rundown of the Red Sea Max C series’ new features, if you’re in the market to buy or sell this new aquarium, definitely watch the short video for all the ways that Red Sea has bettered their new flagship all in one aquarium system.

    Red Sea MAX C-Series. The complete close top coral reef fully featured REEF-SPEC systems - YouTube
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