Red Sea Max 250 or similar.

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    Charlie Brown

    19 Mar 2014
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    Cape Town
    I currently have the Red Sea Max 130 and I am really enjoying the ease and success of running this unit. I am now looking for the bigger brother, the Red Sea Max 250.....or similar. I like the plug & play system and the fact that I don't have wires, pipe etc all over the place. The tank is in my lounge and I operate a business from home. It is important that the unit is neat and tidy as I have clients in and out all day long.

    Can anybody point me in the right direction as to where I can buy one of these units from? It does not have to be the Red Sea Max, it can be another system as well.
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    12 May 2013
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    Have a chat to David at Perkey Pets

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