Red sea and Perky pets starting a trend !!!

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    The trend is, getting to meet your unknown Reefer friends.

    There are so many people who you pass daily or on weekends who might also keep marines that you will never have guessed .
    Also at new social encounters and get together s you might not mingle easily ... this will help get the conversation started.

    Now wear your Red sea cap proudly and you might just get a new reefer asking " Red Sea? , Do do have a tank ? " and Bam! the conversation starts!


    We all have something in common , we just need to find it ;)

    Our idea is buy a bucket of Red Sea Coral Pro And receive a free Cap that keeps the sun out you're eyes and can make most people look cool " works for me :m12:.

    We have a special on the salt at the moment R879.00 per bucket ,and selling fast,(sold 42 of the 70 Buckets).

    Don't lose out, pop in ASAP.

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