RSS Red & Green Cynarina could audition to be life savers candy

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8 May 2007
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I am not a big candy buff but the first thing that came to mind when I saw this awesome bicolor Cynarina is Life Savers® Candy. The even dual coloration of the ring of vessicles around this Cynarina’s mouth looks like the perfect mashup of a green and a red Cynarina, this coral just couldn’t make up its mind.

Coming to us from ReefMaster Indonesia, the Lifesaver Cynarina is as much eye-candy as it is a candy impersonator. It’s not unusual for Cynarina to show a mix of colors, but these are usually in the form of concentric patterns, such as a ring of color in the mantle or a differently colored mouth.

But like so many other corals before it, the Lifesaver Cynarina shows a near 50/50 blend of a green coral with a red one. Under the white lighting that this Cynarina is pictured, the coral looks downright beautiful, a sure fire winner. But if we saw this coral under our more typical fluo-blue aquarium lighting, making this coral fluoresce a balance of highlighter green and glowing red, why we bet it’s drop-dead gorgeous!

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