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3 Feb 2014
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Cape town

So my Red Devil Monsker 2300L skimmer pump packed up on sunday....It is a Red devil DC5000 pump:m45:

Called Andre@reef aquatics and his only getting stock in 5 weeks:m85:
I popped in at Perkies and David and Mark sorted me out with a temporarily solution. We fitted the skimmer with the bubble magus rock SP2000 pump. I cannot thank David and Mark enough for their professionalism.

However, the pump is working but not as powerful as my DC5000.

Does anyone perhaps have a second hand DC5000 pump for sale?

Same thing on my side DC5000 also went belly up, also on the waiting train for new stock to come in.
Sorry could not help earlier, the new Devils are a bit delayed as they are undergoing burn in testing the new design, the chips have been now removed out of the pump and installed in the controller for much more reliability.
@Bigbone, did you not ask Perky for the Jecod DCT6000 like I said and use your pinwheel and volute, you also could have temp used the DEVIL DC3000S
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Hi Andre, they didn't have stock so went with what was available.
So do you have a date for the arrival of the pumps? You mentioned 5 weeks to me so I assume mid october?
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Please let us know asap when we can pay deposit to secure our pumps.

Not sure hey but doesn't matter because I got a jecod dct 6000 and just used my old
Dc5000s impeller and works perfectly.
Not actually Andre, the jecod 6000DCT volute clips onto the pump motor block whereas the red devil volute has four screws in. That's about the only difference so had to use the jecod 6000DCT volute as well.
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My Red Devil DC5000 also just stopped working after just 13 months use, no Idea why.

Nice looking pump but not so reliable, expensive mistake.
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