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4 May 2007
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Hell what a start to my day. Walk into the lounge this morning and notice my Majestic Angel ripping into my Elegance Coral, nearly had a bloody heart attack on the spot. Anyway got what was left of the elegance out of the tank and into the refugium, not looking good at this stage. Walk into the garage to drop the elegance into the fuge and notice the octo skimmer not working, check it out and the feed pump burnt out last night.........damn this is all before 7am in the morning, nearly turned round and went straight back to bed.
Moral of the story, stick with what you believe and a strong belief of mine was that no angel was reef safe but thought i could buck the system, i have reformed my ways again.
Damn sorry to hear Alan. That's indeed a shit way to start the day. Are you going to get rid of the angel?
Going to set up a fish only system at work, so far got a clown trigger, blue face angel, majestic angel and a tomini fire tang.
Sorry to hear about the Angel and Elegance Coral.... Last night my one skimmer's pump also burnt out.... Good luck Alan.... it seems that these things seem to hit us a few times during the year..... Every now and again something bad happens....

All I can say - is "good luck"...
Hi Alan sorry to hear about the Elegance. It was an awesome coral. From myself, A.N.G.R.Y.2. and the rest of the East London guys, that were lucky enough to see your tank after IMACSA, we are sorry for your loss. And hope the Elegance pulls through.

As for the skimmer pump burning out, see if an OR2500 or 3500 will fit. I have recently had a pump on my RO DNW150 start tripping my mains. Replaced it with an OR2500 and am much happier.
Hope that elegance makes it... On the plus side I look forward to a stunning fish only tank :)

Hill he did say it was a feed pump ie. anything should "fit" really.
Thanks guys, it really p'd me off as i really struggled to get an elegance for the system, oh well this is the hobby i suppose.
damn.sorry to hear Alan.if theres anything i can help you with give me a shout
HI Alan,
Sorry to hear that, it is such an awesome coral. Just a heads up (sure you know this), if it does not make it, dont throw the skeleton away! Just keep it in similar conditions to what it is used to and it may come back. I have seen these come back after being dead for months.
I agree, angels and lps dont go well together, thats why I dont keep and 'big' angels anymore.
Hi Allan,

I must agree with you on that I have learnt the hard way as well. I have a Queen, Majestic and a Regal angel and I can tell you my SPS are taking a hammering, so much so that I actually drained my tank twice to try and get them out although I didn't manage to because the went right under the reef both times. I think my Regal Angel is o.k in terms of the corals but definitely not the other two. My theory now is if you are going to invest time, money and a huge amount of effort keeping you corals in prestine condition then it's a no brainer thinking of adding Angels to the tank. I am going to attempt catching them out with a hook.


Jim got both of my angels out with a catch box baited with nori paper.
wow alan thats sad:(
im sure he will make it ! lps often pull through, if you ever wanto sell angels in converting my 2500l setup to fish only and will be keen

sorry man
Elegance is still looking sad, but hanging in there all the same. I replaced the pump with an ATI 5800L p/h, i am slowly replacing all my feed pumps with the ATI range, absolutely stunning pumps and really well priced.
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i hope it makes it alan! are you dipping it in iodine to keep infection at bay?
No, i really dont want to disturbe or stress it at the moment, but i am keeping an eye on it.
hope for the best! lps often pull through! more than half my hammer got brown jelly ! and now a month later its hundreds! btw where have you put all the angels?
All in the frag tank, and all LPS from frag tank in the fuge, just until the fish only system is up and running at the office.
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