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    real-oyster-eggs-reef-nutrition.png real oceanic eggs by reef nutrition

    Real Oceanic Eggs (R.O.E) is a new food for marine aquariums made from real oceanic eggs*of fish. Freshwater and marine aquarists have been using real oceanic eggs from various sources for eons but Reef Nutrition’s R.O.E. is the first time such a product has been made available on a comercial basis, but with better consistency and suitability for aquarium use. Like many Reef Nutrition products, Real Oceanic Eggs (R.O.E.) is a refrigerated product coming in a convenient squeeze bottle to easily feed your reef.

    We’ve been feeding oyster eggs to our aquariums for a long time but the larger Real Oceanic Eggs have a much larger particle size of 0.7 to 1.5mm which is prime fish feeding territory and probably a really good size for many LPS and anemones. Finicky reef fish such as some angelfish and butterflyfish are also sure to react very positively to eggy flavor of R.O.E. and once they eat the highly concentrated nutrition found in fish eggs like Real Oceanic Eggs, they are bound to put on some weight. R.O.E. could also be a great food for conditioning breeding fish since fish eggs are certain to contain the fats and vitamins they need to make their own fish eggs.

    We can’t wait for Reef Nutrition’s R.O.E. hits the store shelves to try out all its possible uses, how will you use Real Oceanic Eggs?
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    Question: Would one be able to feed this to fresh water fish as well???

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