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    We have all done it. Just had to drop in on your favorite fish store to see their new stock and you end up purchasing a fish you knew nothing about and now the "cute litte fish" is 15 inches, eats everything in the aquarium and is messier than your kids. Where do you go from here? Many hobbiyst have found themselevs with a fish that became huge very quickly and now, are stuck with the monster. What do you do with it? Many think they can simply let the monster go in the local lake and be done with it. That is never the answer because 1) it is illegal 2) that disrubts ecosystems and 3) thats how invasive species get out (anyone ever heard of the everglades??). Thus, I have below some simple steps to get that "monster" off your hands and out of your aquarium. 1. Check Local Fish Clubs Many fish clubs have hobbiyst with a wide range of aquariums and interests that would love to have your monster. Simply check online or at local fish stores for postings of meetings and you can quickly find a new home for your fish. 2. Try Petstores Some...


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