re-establishing an existing tank

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    Hi all,
    I have just bought my first marine tank and need some urgent advice. The tank is 300l with skimmer and a number of filters. The guy I bought it from caught the fish (6 in all, 1 anemone) and sent them to a pet shop to board. He then drained the tank, cleaned the filter components and I collected the tank, transported it dry 100km and then we filled it with clean sea water and re-established every thing the following day. The idea is for me to go to the petshop (now 5 days later) and collect the fish.

    My concern is that all the bacteria in the system have been destroyed by "cleaning" the tank. I have just added a bacteria stimulator, 4 days after refilling the tank, but think this may not be enough to prepare the tank for fish.

    I have received conflicting advice from the petshop owners, my question is, when will the tank be ready for the fish?

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    Welcome to MASA. Once the tank has gone through its cycle you can add fish but slowly. It takes from about 4 - 6 weeks to cycle. Ask the petshop to hold onto it till then

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