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8 Mar 2019
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Hi guys,

It has been a while since my last post from when I down scaled from a HA900 to my old TL550.
When I transferred all my lifestock, I transferred a lot of rock as I was not comfortable removing my RBTAs from the rock. Since then they have multiplied and at this rate, they might take over my entire tank. It is a nice problem to have but, I would however like to sell some at some point. I am worried that to many of them might start causing issues.

So here in is my question. Is it better to sell a rock full of nenies instead of trying to sell individual ones?
Or should I just wait for some to move onto the glass and remove and sell then?

PS. I am still not comfortable removing nenies from rock or glass as I really don't want to hurt it. Any advise on what I could possibly do to remove them at a later stage will be great
20 Jul 2008
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Hi Ruans

There are a few non-damaging methods to convincing an anemone to let go of a rock. Depending on how they are spaced all over your rock, you could suspend the rock above the water with just the body of the anemone itself in the water. If the foot is out of the water it will let go after a little while and sink down. I'd suggest having something below to catch it so that it doesn't float into a pump. Quite tedious to do this for multple anemones but if you do it right there won't be any damage. This method is also helpful in getting an anemone out of a pump if you've been unlucky enough to have one go in there.
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