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    debelius.jpg An adult C. debelius showing the typical coloration of navy blue with a lovely spot pattern on the head. Photo by Dr. Hiroyuki Tanaka.

    Centropyge debelius – One of a select few elite and highly sought after mega-rare angelfish that is just as beautiful as it is scarce. Not many Debelius angelfish have entered the trade and only a handful, in the recent years. The deep navy blue coloration of Centropyge debelius as well as the bright yellow tail is an iconic cry for attention; in a good way. Finally amidst the secrecy that surrounds this fish and its owners, a video of a live specimen is released, making this one of the few videos of this fish available for public eyes.

    The video is not of the best quality, but it’s clear enough to show the fish as it swims in sun coral dominated tank. A Yellow Anthias (Odontanthias*fuscipinnis) shares the swimming space with the lovely angelfish. There’s not much else we know about this tank or its regimes, but we hope the uploader makes more videos of this illustrious fish soon – and in high resolution please!

    Click here to view the embedded video.

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