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    We really cringe when we see nearly all orange plate corals labeled as ‘orange Fungia’ corals since the typical, standard-issue orange disc corals are by and large all orange Cycloseris corals. However, we have seen one extra large orange Fungia way back in the day, only once, and looks like Reefkoi has come up with another truly orange Fungia plate coral.

    This particular plate coral really is something special, regardless of whether you call it orange or pink. What separates this coral from the run of the mill neon orange disc corals is that since it is a Fungia species, F. klunzingeri to be exact, at three inches in diameter this orange Fungia still has a lot of growing left to do.

    The only other orange Fungia* we’ve ever seen was over six inches (15cm) in diameter and it looked just liked this one: semi-metallic orange coloration with a bright purple rim. At $400, this coral may seem to be expensive to some but being a diehard junkie of plate and disc corals we think the price is pretty fair. Many reefers will be more inclined to buy a handful of $60 to $80 orange Cycloseris disc corals but like the gold foil clam before it, this orange Fungia coral is also practically one of a kind.

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