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    As you may know, Odontanthias species are not a common fish that you expect to encounter in any normal fish store. The Yellow fin Anthias, Odontanthias fuscipinnis, is one of the hardly seen deepwater anthias other than the more common ‘Borbs’ (O. borbonius) or the holy grail like Neptune Anthias, Sacura speciosa. This spectacular species is one of the hardly found Anthias endemic to the state of Hawaii. Three of these Odontanthias fuscipinnis anthias just arrived in Thailand from Hawaii in a good condition; including two adults and one younger juvenile. All of them adapted well to aquarium life and accepting even flakes. However, their favorite is still a living glass shrimp. If you are having trouble feeding a large showy anthias like Odontanthias or Sacura, you might try using small glass shrimp and I bet you that you will probably see a stunning hunting ritual.
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