RSS Rare Lipogramma klayi basslet from Curacao makes it all the way to Bangkok

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    It’s always our pleasure to see rare deep water species start showing up in aquarium trade more recently. This time is not a shocking stripe color basslet such as the Candy, but a lesser seen Lipogramma klayi as it is restricted to Curacao. This time the fish is imported by Crazy Aquarium, one of the rare fish specialist shop in Thailand. A pair was sent, but there was one DOA from a long flight delay.

    Lipogramma klayi looks much more like a juvenile Royal Gramma (Gramma loreto) with more blunted head and a pale color. However, the species is a target for rare fish collector that knows their value as it will never be a common fish anytime. This little guy is the superb additions to any deep water reef tank that will surely turn into a stunning centerpiece once it becomes acclimate.
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