RSS Rare Hybrid of Pyramid Butterflyfish is caught from Indonesian water

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    Hybrids reef fish are sometimes a puzzle for your head, especially with closely related species. Here is another less commonly seen butterflyfish hybrid between the Pyramid Butterflyfish (Hemitaurichthys polylepis) and Black Pyramid Butterflyfish (H. zoster). There is no official record of where these two species co-exist, but fishermen in Indonesia often catch both species in the same time and export occasionally.

    The picture shown here is a fish that I believe is a hybrid of the two, not just only a variation of H. polylepis. The fish has shown all characteristics of their parents. The anterior part is no doubt from H. polylepis, while the posterior part has more in common with H. zoster as there are a mixing of gray with the yellow and also some patch of color on the caudal fin. The hybrid fish eats like a pig and it is easy kept like all other Hemitaurichthys. Thank you Mr. Torboon of Bluespace Aquarium for allow me to take the picture of this fish!
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