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    The Radion XR30w Pro LED reef aquarium light fixture just announced last week was said to be packing a lot of firepower in the deep blue and UV end of the light spectrum and man Ecotech Marine wasn’t kidding. A screen shot of the new six-channels of color control that the Radion Pro delivers in Ecosmart Live shows a dedicated channel for UV, and a new real-time calculated spectral plot with a big difference from what we’re used to.

    ecotech-radion-software-4.jpg The spectral plot for the base model Radion XR30w shows a typical smooth plot with a rounded peak in blue and royal blue and another small peak of red light.

    Compared to the baseline spectral plot with near equal amounts of output in blue and royal blue in the original Radion, the Radion Pro LED has a huge spike in the 450nm royal blue wavelengths with a bump in the 380-400nm ultraviolet range of light which is almost as powerful as the regular blue light! From the initial press release we know that there will be overlapping ranges of UV wavelength with at least two colors of emitters pairing up to cover the 400-410 and 410-420nm range, and those deep blue/near-UV LEDs don’t come cheap.

    Additionally, whereas the previous Radion LED spectral plot showed a smooth dip between the red and green light, the new Radion Pro has a conspicuous bump of yellow light, probably due to the inclusion of some yellow or amber LEDs to help balance out all that awesome, juicy,*scrumptious blue LED light. If our assumptions are correct then that would mean that the Radion XR30w Pro includes two shades of near UV, one royal blue, blue, white, green, yellow and red LEDs for the broadest range of LED colors in any*stock American-made LED aquarium lights.

    radion-pro-spectrum.png The EcoSmart Live action screen for the Radion XR30w PRO shows six channels of color control, with a dedicated UV channel being new to the mix

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