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    coral-sea-sailfin-anthias.png Holotype of the Coral Sea sailfin anthias Rabaulichtys squirei. F. Walsh

    The Coral Sea sailfin anthias shipping from Australia has just been described as Rabaulichthys squirei*by John Randall in the journal Memoirs of the Queensland Museum. The Coral Sea sailfin anthias is in the same Rabaulichthys*genus as the sailfin anthias from the Phillipines which was filmed displaying a few months back. Rabaulichthys squirei*is distinguished by a very high anterior dorsal fin, an elongated snout and ‘subtle differences in coloration’.

    rabaulichthys-squirei.png Paratype of Rabaulichthys squirei is a male sailfin anthias, in thsi case showing a stressed coloration. F. Walsh

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