R.O. in Cape Town ?


14 May 2007
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Cape Town
Good Morning
Just wanna know where in Cape Town i can collect good quality R.O water on a weely basis .
The LFS i usually collect from are in the process of moving so i need and alternate source.
Hey Jaques
i use to get it from an LFS in Plumstead but they are in the process of moving , so i need an alternative anywhere in cape Town.
OK - so you are in the Southern Suburbs? You can try Sams Aquarium (off lady's mile on the M3), or perhaps Exotic Aquariums - are you perhaps speaking of Exotic?

Otherwise, try one of the sponsors. I am not sure, but AquaH2O might have, otherwise Aquality?
I know that the LFS in Bothasig sells RO water as well.....
And perhaps the new LFS in Bree Str in C/T. CBD?
Thanx jaques i`ll give it a go , the shop in Bree street , any idea wot the name is?
The shops name is Aquatic Concepts.I was there about 20 min ago not mutch in the way of fish but I bought 3 nice big coral frags.Absolute bargain prices,great shop.
Is the RO for top up or for water change. I believe that you can join the two oceans and get filtered sea water from them whenever you need it???:032:
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