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    If you couldn’t already tell, there’s been some hints that Ecotech Marine is working on a new product called QuietDrive. An official announcement is expected to be released next week about the new QuietDrive detailing what this pump is, and how it is better and different than what has currently been offered from Ecotech Marine.

    Details about QuietDrive are still pretty meager but as you might guess from the name, an absence of noise is expected to be one of the highlight features of this new version of the Vortech propeller pump. This teaser image of the new QuietDrive shows a controller case similar to the EcoSmart except it’s black, as well as a redesigned look to the external motor and internal wetside propeller housing.

    The Vortech MP40 started a revolution in water movement that continues to this day, but at over ten years old, Ecotech’s flagship MP40 is getting a little long in the tooth. Of course we’d love to see a better, stronger pump at a lower cost but we’ll have to wait until next week to see what Ecotech has cooked up to keep the venerable Vortech at the top of reefers’ wish list.
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    This is great, my mp60s are still noisy even though not running at full strength. I am really keen to hear how loud these new units will be.

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