questions for my inbetween nano

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    9 Jan 2012
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    cape town south africa
    Hey guys

    so having bought my large 900x900x600 cube from lean in January, im still waiting on my stand builder to fininsh off my stand(partly my fault< me had to do some redecorating)

    so anyway i have decided to setup a "inbetween Nano" so i got a stunning little 90x32.5x32.5 tank to work with something small about 95L

    my main uncertainty is my org plan was to drill and fit a slim over flow down to a sump and have a Reef oct HOB skimmer hang on the sump so that i can save space in the tank for LS and put the heater there> is this a good idea? (as in is it worth while to have a sump?)

    what lighting should i use?
    could i have some anthias in there? maybe 3?

    i have playsand for the subrate, heaters pumps etc and i will paint the back black

    can already picture lots brightly coloured zoa's in there

    Thanks in advance
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    24 Jan 2012
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    best bet would be to have a sump, I'm not sure how marine tanks function without one, I'd guess that frequent water changes would have to be the order of the day.

    Any rod, In your sump I would suggest going 2 compartments(at least, maybe even 3), reason being is you can have one section for the return and another section where you have a constant water level, unaffected by water evaporation for the skimmer to be set once and work. Drill the tank, the thinner the glass the more patient you have to be, sumps just make sense imo. nano's are fun, enjoy...

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