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    It’s no secret that Ascorbic Acid is all kinds of good for*various*living things but Quantum Marine Labs believes their nano particulated form of Vitamin C, A. K, B1, B2, B6 and B12 has some special coral growing skills. Quantum Marine Labs is selling their coral accelerator along with a triple pack of nano particulated calcium, alkalinity and magnesium which they say will grow the bejeezus out of stony corals. According to QM Labs, the nano particulated ascorbic acid and elements are more immediately taken up by the corals, while not affecting water chemistry so much in the long term.

    We can see how a targeted delivery of the ascorbic acid could boost coral growth, if in fact these nano particles are getting to the corals, but not feeling them so much on the elements. According to the label, “the nano structure and organization of the particle reaction is different [from] traditional chemistry” which sounds fancy, well and good but so far weakly documented for aquarium use.

    A four pack of the ascorbic acid, Ca, Alk and Mg only costs $49 and is available now from Reef On and for serious coral farmers, it’s a small risk to take if there’s a chance that coral growth is significantly increased. We’ll try to get ahold of some samples of our own and see if it’s in the same league as our personal experiences with Salifert Coraline AminoAcids. In the meantime, can anyone chime in with experiences using either nano particulated elements or this specific set of additives from Quantum Marine Labs?


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