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    qm_collectors.jpg Nahacky Wrasse - image courtesy Quality Marine

    Aquarium marine life wholesaler Quality Marine continues to make an effort to breakdown the status quo of marine aquarium fish collection and importation. *Their latest innovation is the new ultra-low volume “Collectors Series” of wild caught marine fish. *QM’s annoucement today, and some initial thoughts, after the break.

    Introducing the “QM Collectors Series.” This series will consist of special specimens in extremely limited quantities that are collected by the absolute best of the QM exclusive, world class collectors. They will come with a diver signed certificate of authenticity. We are starting this off right by offering these Nahacky Wrasse pairs that were collected by their discoverer and namesake Tony Nahacky. There are only 4 pairs here, so don’t miss your chance to get in on this once in a lifetime opportunity.

    Certainly this is a novel idea, somewhat akin to the efforts of other companies like EcoAquariums PNG whose individual fish numbering system ties each and every fish back to a collector’s name, location, and collection date. *We assume that QM’s “Diver-Signed Certificate of Authenticity” is meant to create another deeper connection to the source of the livestock, and certainly will carry a premium price tag for this added level of acountability in the chain of custody. *Will Quality Marine’s “Collectors *Series” be responsible for elevating certain rare fish collectors to “rock star status” among the marine aquarium hobby? *We are interested to see how aquarium livestock retailers, and ultimately the aquarists who purchase these fish, respond to this interesting new marketing effort.
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