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    Blue Frogfish. If we told you nothing else about this fish and simply wowed you with this picture, that would be enough. If someone told us they had seen or heard of blue frogfish (anglerfish), we’d have told them to stop trippin’. But here it is, in the flesh, an incredible blue frogfish sitting pretty at Quality Marine.

    Quality Marine received this unique blue frogfish with a batch of regular ‘colored frogfish’ from somewhere in Asia. But who cares where the fish came from, we want to know where it is going and being such a unique fish, this is the type of specimen that really ought to find its way to a public institution where it can be put on display and enjoyed by the public.

    So there you have it, blue frogfish are not a fairy tale, they exist and now that one has been positively seen and documented, it’s highly likely that collectors will be on the lookout for more. In the meantime, congrats to QM for landing this awesome blue frogfish and we look forward to tracking the anglerfish smurf to its eventual home.
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    its so ugly, but so beautiful

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