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    As LED fixtures have improved in recent years, screw-in LED spotlights have somewhat fallen by the wayside but that doesn’t mean they’ve gone away. The QuadSpec V2 LED spotlights from MarineReefLED are a new line of small, medium and large PAR 20, PAR 30 and PAR38 LED spotlights which show some clear progression in this form factor.


    The smallest QuadSpec V2 spotlight is the PAR 20 Fiji Blue Reef Bulb which is intended for moonlight or actinic supplementation. The Fiji Blue light holds five blue LEDs, three of which are a 455nm emission peak and the other two are a 420nm deep blue/UV; the total power is not specified but we’d guesstimate it around 10 watts which is really not bad for*£23.99 (~US$38).


    MarineReefLED’s two larger LED spots are more general purpose lights with a mixed spectrum of diodes in a 21 watt PAR30 and a 36 watt PAR38. The use of 455nm blue, 420nm makes for a*good*spectrum but the use of a single warm white LED in both larger sizes makes for a*great light with interesting color rendition, a very nice touch indeed. The only catch is our concern of how well all these colors will mix with the use of fairly tight 60 degree lenses across their entire line.

    quadspec-par30-par38-led.png The two larger QuadSpec LED spotlights are compatible with an on/off remote but*unfortunately*there’s no dimming possible with these, so don’t even think about having separate channels. However, if the colors blend well, which MarineReefLED’s abundant documentation supports, and if the*£53.99 (~US$85) and*£79.99 (~US$126) price points are suitable for the job, we could see some great uses for the unique spectrum offered by the QuadSpec LED spotlights. [MarineReefLED]



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