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18 Jul 2007
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Cape Town
I recently was lucky enough to purchase a most beautiful juvinile Holacanthras Ciliaris (Queen Angelfish) for my 5000 litre display.
I put him straight into one of my QT tanks.Once I had him feeding on Angel Formula and other prepared foods I thought I had won the battle.It has been almost 3 weeks of him in QT and tonight I have noticed for the first time white spot.
I have not had white spot in years.
My purpose of this thread is to highlight the importance of QT even for as long as 4 weeks.Had I put him in my main display after 2 weeks of QT I would be sitting with a catastrophe now.I figure he obviously came in with maybe just a few unnoticed spots.When those fell off and lay on the bottom of the QT tank for about 2 weeks where now they have hatched and well multiplied and found a host.
Today I am grateful for my QT tank!
As I have not lost a fish in about 5 years I dont want to start now.
I am dropping the salinity and raising the temp gradually,I have also started a copper treatment.Hold thumbs!

6 May 2007
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Quarantine is probably the most underrated practice in this hobby, wish more would practice it ( much less business for LFS, but all for the better)

When you say you noticed whitespot tonite, is it because you only took a close look tonite, or the whitespot only developed recently?

Other than attempting to feed the fish (shotto for succeeding), and observing the fish, what is your maintenance regime on your QT tank? What size is your QT tank? What size is the fish? Have you done any water changes? Did you use nsw? and if so was it treated (O3, UV or standing) What is your filtration setup like on the QT tank? What are your nutrient levels on the QT tank? When was your QT tank last used for and what was in it?

Questions, questions, I know. You probably did most things right, and your'e just unlucky to get a few spots. (well done for sticking it out and being patient.

BUT, the less experienced should be made aware of the difference between proper quarantine and keeping new fish seperate from your display for a while.
I have a firm belief that whitespot AND other nasties are constantly present in any tank. Just because our fish don't look like spotty Gem tang wanna be's, does not mean its not present.

Most diseases and parasitic infestations only show themselves when fish immune systems are compromised, a condition undoubtably brought on through stress.

Personally I believe that QT systems should be kept in top notch, with decent filtration, regular water changes, ample swimming space and healthy feedings.
15 May 2007
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Cape Town 7442
..uh, I dunno wot to say

Following on Ivan's comments:

It doesn't help beyond the measures taken, if you quarantine WITH NSW, it's another definite source of unknowns.

That introduces variables defeating the ultimate purpose of QT.

While I'm at it. A quick series of SELF-diagnostic questions.

When last did you purchase a quarantined fish, or place fish into QT, for HOW LONG, and was it isolated (as a single quarantine batch or individual)?

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