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Discussion in 'Water Parameters and Additives' started by deadmeat2016, 3 Jul 2010.

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    Just curious if anyone out there uses purple up? i have been using it for a while and my magnesium and calcium levels are through the roof with no water turning white. On furthur testing i find that it also upps the strontium, iodine and carbonate levels.
    What is the worst that can happen? excluding water going white, iodine poisoning, calcium precipitation on equipment or excessive coralline :). The calcium does not precipitate because of the magnesium keeping it in check with relation to carbonate conc(MgCO3 and CaCO3 in good equilibrium)

    Cheers in advance buddies and gurus :thumbup:
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    Hi Deadmeat!
    I have used the stuff in the past, i cant say if it worked or not. As long as you can keep your Ca, Mg and Alk in NSW ranges, coralline algae will grow. :)
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    Agreed i have also used this product and cannot tell really wheather it really made any difference.

    my 2c though is if you running a nano then this product will be great , as long as you keeping up with the water changes still to keep things in check as per what Mek has said NSW figures are always best.
  5. Perky Pets

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    Ive used purple up in my 1st tank and found it didnt do much, but the second i didnt use it , but did a onece a month water change and put a chiller on as well as a 250w MH, and some direct sunlight and the coraline aglea did very well. not sure but i would say a constant temp is very importent , but once i changed the bulb in my tank ( same brand ) the coraline started to bleach.( had to start it on less hours a day and every week increase it a hour untill it was on the previous lighting hours again, then all was well again.)
  6. MistaOrange


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    I used purple up at one stage & it looked as if it was working but not as it was described by LFS & the coraline was concentrated in the overflows mostly so I stopped using it & about a month or so I had coraline breakout & it was growing everywhere in both tanks & the sump but. I've stopped using it for almost 7months & still the coraline is spreading like mad. I'm not too sure if it was due to the purple up but it's spreading very fast.
    I can't say if purple up works but it will increase your levels as the bottle indicates. Use as described but lessen the dosage as you may be adding too much. Maybe you should check the test readings before you dose & try to calculate how much to dose.

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