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    For quite some time now the Hawaiian Yellow Tangs and Scopas Tangs have been hogging the limelight in the aberrant department for Zebrasoma surgeonfishes. Piebald*yellow tangs, tricolor Scopas tangs and even pure white yellow tangs with fancy super-hero names given! Specifically, Casper and Powder. Finally we’re seeing something new, and this time, an aberrant Purple Tang from the Red Sea region.

    Although not nearly as dramatic as the other Zebrasoma aberrations, the full purple Purple Tang is subtle yet *awesome in its own way! The purple coloration has beautifully crept up the entire tail, covering all but just a tiny sliver of yellow at the edge. It landed at Yat Wong Aquarium, Hong Kong, a few days ago, but it’s quite possibly sold by now.


    Another breathtakingly stunning fish to hit the Hong Kong market is this very rare White-barred Asfur Angelfish brought in by Hoi Kok Aquarium. It is not a first time that this fish is appearing in the scene as EZ Marine from Taiwan has got their fins of these white-strained variants before. However, unlike the white-strained Maculosus Angelfish that are being captive bred and sold all around the world, the white-barred Asfur Angelfish will still remain unobtainable to most, and the odd couple of pictures popping up now and then will have to satisfy the ever hungry Angelfish aficionados.
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