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    Pseudochromis-fuligifinis.jpg Paratype specimens of Pseudochromis fuligifinis. Photo by J.T. Williams

    Pseudochromis fuligifinis is a cute new species of dottyback described from Mindoro Province and Apo Reef of the*Philippines by Anthony Gill and Jeffrey Williams. The new Pseudochromis*fuligifinis*looks very similar to the elongate dottyback, Pseudochromis elongatus, but the half-moon shaped dark marking in the tail is a distinguishing characteristic.

    The original description of P. fuligifinis*makes no mention of the differentiation of the sexes but the two images of paratypes clearly show a difference in coloration and in the shape of the lyretail. Since the males of dottyback (and many other reef fish species) tends to be the one to develop longer fin attributes, we’re going to say the greyish colored specimen in the bottom of the images is the male.
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