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    Pseudanthias oumati is a new species of Anthias which like yesterday’s Plectranthias flammeus was described in the same paper. The single female specimen of Pseudanthias oumati doesn’t divulge much about what makes it a distinct new species as we can expect the males to mature and display entirely different coloration.

    The name of Pseudanthias oumati gives some clues as to what sets it apart from other species as ‘oumati’ is the Marquesan word for Sun. The brilliant vivid yellow color of P. oumati is a distinguishing feature of the species which distinguishes it from Pseudanthias hiva and P. regalis which also occur in the region.

    If you find yourself in French Polynesia and want to find the Anthias of the Sun you’ll have to dive deep as so far the species has only been observed in a small shoal at 50-55m (160-180ft) deep. Pseudanthias oumati and Plectranthias flammeus are described together by Jeffrey Williams et. al in Zootaxa number 3647.
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