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    The Corrente digital flowmeter from PRS Japan has yet to really make it to the hands of that many reefers but already the company is working on making this a must have device. The PRS Corrente already comes in four sizes with pipe diameters from 0.5, 0.75, 1 and 1.25 inches yet PRS is already hard at work developing the Corrente+ with pipe diameters in 1.5 and 2 inches wide.

    [​IMG]While the Corrente digital flowmeter maxed out at up to 2000 gallons per hour, the new Corrente+ will be able to measure flowrates up to at least 3200 gallons per hour. Understandably, there’s been a ton of interest in this very novel flow measuring tool, in Europe and in America particularly.

    With this in mind PRS is working to making their already-waterproof Corrente sensors FCC and CE approved for more widespread use and adoption by users and resellers. We look forward to seeing both the Corrente and Corrente+ more widely used in marine aquariums and the resulting better reef keeping techniques that will come from having more granular data about flowrate going through our tanks and various filtration equipment. [PRS]


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