RSS Protein Skimmers infographic by Marine Depot breaks down foam fractionation

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    The protein skimmer is the heart of most marine aquariums, fish-only and reef-centric, yet we hardly give this refined piece of aquarium equipment the fundamental consideration it deserves. For every outline of basic protein skimmer function there are hundreds of posts, comments and articles about lighting, lighting & lighting.

    Perhaps part of the reason is that it’s hard to put into words what a skimmer actually does, and what features make it work better or worse, this is where pictorials come in handy. Marine Depot recently shared a highly informative infographic about how protein skimmers work, modeling their diagram on a contemporary protein skimmer design, this one*coincidentally resembles the AquaMaxx series.

    This diagram will be second nature to the old salts of reefing but if you are a greenhorn in marine aquatics, the rundown of features in The Depot’s Protein Skimmer diagram will hold your hand through everything you need to consider when learning about, shopping for or even making your own protein skimmer. To learn more check out the full graphic and some accompanying text at the source.


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