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    The ProScope is a specialized iPhone case that turns your pocket computer & camera into a portable microscope. Better yet, throw the ProScope assembly into a specially designed AquaPac and take the whole rig inside your aquarium.

    With an iPhone, ProScope and AquaPac, you have your very own underwater microscope assembly which allows you to get up close and personal with your corals and benthic marine life. The ProScope is only $150 with a choice of a few lenses for up to 80x magnification and included LEDs for lighting your subject.

    [​IMG]The specially designed AquaPac is only $40 and while not rated for any great depth, should more than enough to get unreal, in-situ microscopic images of your tank like nothing else. Heck, we love our $500 Mesoscope but this solution might get you closer and higher magnification, not to mention an easier photography option.

    We don’t expect the average hobbyist to run out and get one of these, but Reef Builders readers are not average reefers. We envision a whole slew of situations where the pros could make good use of microscopic images of corals in the tank to diagnose problems way before they grow, and to catch any pests or parasites. *[Gizmodo]

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