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    Prognathodes guyanensis, also known as the French butterflyfish is up for two honors – it may well be one of the nicest species of tropical Prognathodes*butterflyfish, and certainly the nicest in the Caribbean and it is also one of the rarest aquarium fish that comes from the Caribbean. Second only to the Spanish flag grouper,*Prognathodes guyanensis*appears only sporadically in the local and domestic aquarium trade.

    Also hailing from Curacao, this stunning little three inch Prognathodes guyanensis is hot on the heels of that fantastic trio of roughtongue bass*and it will join them in the Diver’s Den. At $1599 this single*Prognathodes guyanensis costs as much as the trio of roughtongue bass but wouldn’t it be sweet to get them all and set up a Curacao deep reef biotope?
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