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    Prognathodes guyanensis is a rare deepwater butterflyfish from the Caribbean which is very infrequently available; maybe one or two appear in the aquarium trade every year. Also known as the French butterflyfish,*Prognathodes guyanensis is much less known than the bank’s butterflyfish, Prognathodes aya, which has a much more northerly distribution in the Caribbean which is frequently collected in Florida, and sometimes seen by divers as far north as Geogia. By contrast*Prognathodes guyanensis usually occurs much further south, like this specimen from the Dutch Antilles.*

    To casually observers of butterflyfish, the French butterflyfish may seem like another cream-colored fish with some striping but the mohawk-like dorsal fin of Prognathodes butterflyfish is lowered and raised for display and defense, making for quite a majestic and remarkable fish in the aquarium. Another reason for the higher cost of some Prognathodes*species of butterflyfish is that in contrast to others, the Prognathodes*butterflyfish are actually quite hardy and eager feeders in the aquarium, provided that they are kept in cooler temperature like they experience in their deep reef habitat.*Although we may not be able to afford the very high price tag of this deep-collected*Prognathodes guyanensis, its new handlers over at*B-Box Aquarium*have been thoughtful enough to produce a nice video which gives a detailed close up look at this startling high-finned butterflyfish.

    Click here to view the embedded video.

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