RSS ProfiLux LED Control 4 allows PWM drivers in DIY LEDs, think thunderstorm mode

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    ProfiLux is set to release a new LED control module that will allow you to control DIY type LED Systems. This isn’t a standard on/off control, but much more advanced. Think full functionality for weather pattern modeling including lightning, this is the first time this feature has been made available to the DIY LED builder. Furthermore this new module enables other third part LED companies, for example Pacific Sun to easily play nice with GHL ProfiLux aquarium computer systems. The module is driven from the dedicated built in L ports (0-10V interfaces) on the ProfiLux, the module will include the required interface cable to interface with the computer and the module. There will be 2 variants of the LEDControl4: passive (switching only some mA, enough for a PWM controllable driver like Meanwell) and an active version with MOSFETs in it, able to switch 2A. Expect to see this module hitting the streets for less than $50 in the next few months and we will get our umbrella ready.
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