Profilux II Light Temp Probe Problem

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    Hi all,

    I'm hoping someone can help me with my Profilux II Light temperature probe issue.

    It was fine for a couple of months after installation. Now it displays 32.0C even though the water is around 23-24C. I got the Profilux for the feed button, temperature control (chiller and heaters) and timing on sump lilghts. My original return pumps were crap so I replaced them with Waveline DC pumps, which have their own feed button. And now the temperature measurement has not been working for a few months. I haven't set up the sump lilght routine yet, so the Profilux is basically doing nothing at the moment.

    I tried setting the "extension" and going to calibration on the menu, but I can't seem to actually set anything, and after selecting these settings, the temperature is displayed as ***, with the temp alarm "activated".

    I don't know what else to try / how to get the temp probe settings back to accurate measurement. It's getting colder now, so I either have to get it working again, or let my heaters and chiller handle their own measurement, which makes the Profilux all but worthless in my current setup :(

    Any ideas, please!?!?


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