RSS Profilux expansion cards from GHL allow for sanctioned hardware modification

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    If you are a proud owner of a GHL Profilux aquarium controller computer, you will now be able to modify the hardware with GHL sanctioned expansion cards. Like other top end aquarium controllers, the GHL Profilux III and its derivatives come with a plethora of USB, Ethernet, I/O, and BNC connections for hooking up all the probes and sensors that can benefit the monitoring and control of a high tech reef aquarium.

    With a growing line of peripherals for the Profilux like that nifty water flow sensor, GHL has seen fit to release no fewer than 20 read twenty*expansion cards which will deliver added functionality and connectivity to the GHL Profilux controller. None of the expansion cards really include anything off the wall, just new combinations of 1-10v inputs, conductivity and humidity probes, RS232 and RS485 interfaces – basically a nerdgasm of hookups so you can geek out even more with your fancy aquarium computer. [GHL]
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