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8 May 2007
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First announced over three years ago, Prodibio’s Aquarium Cure Program has been stuck in legal limbo as far as importation into the united states is concerned. Thankfully, we’ve just learned that after extensive review, Prodibio has finally succeeded in cutting through a massive amount of red tape to clear the Aquarium Cure Program.

No one like sick fish, and talking about sick fish and their cures isn’t sexy. However there’s great promise in Prodibio’s approach to packaging powerful and effective medications for treating a wide range of fish diseases in pre-measured vials. This approach assures freshness and efficacy of the treatment being administered, and it will help users get the actual dosing concentrations right for their tanks.

The Prodibio Aquarium Cure Program consists of a whole spectrum of treatments for freshwater and marine fish, and with pending clearance from the United States Food and Drug Administration, we should be seeing this product on store shelves sometime in late summer or early fall 2015.

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