Problems since introducing algae scrubber


22 Jul 2012
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I have a small tank (standard 60l) with a 30l sump in which I keep a couple of fish and some inverts. It has been running for about a year now without any major hassles, apart from a bit of algae. Since I don't have a protein skimmer in the system, this was to be expected and I managed to keep it under control through frequent water changes.

A few weeks ago I decided to build a small algae scrubber. It has been running 24/7 since then and it certainly helped keep most of the nuisance algae out of the DT. However, since installing the algae scrubber my pin cushion coral seems to be rather unhappy. Instead of opening up fully like it used to, it now sort of slumps on it side. I thought I would give it a week or two, but it does not seem to get any better.

I also seem to have lost my fire shrimp, but that may or may not be related to the algae scrubber. The boxing shrimp (small) and sexy shrimp still appear to be OK.

I tested for nitrates this morning and it seems like I am somewhere between 5-10ppm. Last water change was week before last (50%).

Any ideas or advice?
Highly doubt that the algae scrubber is to blame. What was your PO4 & NO3 before you start using the scrubber? You state that your run the scrubber 24/7, is this the light period? I will suggest that you run the light period in revers from the DT light cycle.

It may be that your PO4 and NO3 dropped too fast, however unable to tell... you will need to give use more information...
i agree , i dont think your scrubber is to blame , run the scrubber lights only when your tank lights are off , the reverse cycle will help stabilize your ph and give the algae the dark they need
Like the previous to members said, I doubt it's the scrubber

Aim for photoperiod of 16hours on and 8 off, try to run it in reverse of your tanks lights...

The fire shrimp most likely got killed by the boxing shrimp in such a small tank

Never really kept soft corals so can't help there, maybe it's starting to shed?
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